Shaman releases live video clip of the song “Turn Away”
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The band Shaman has just released the video for “Turn Away” recorded live in São Paulo, at Audio, in early 2020. This was the first song sung by Alírio Netto and shows all the energy of the new Shaman captured live. Directed by Junior Carelli and Rudge Campos of Foggy Filmes, the video was released after the band interacted with fans on a Live on YouTube and intends to show what the Shaman show is like, with scenes from the audience and the interaction of the musicians with The fans.

Watch “Turn Away”:

Formed by Alírio Netto (vocals), Hugo Mariutti (guitar), Luis Mariutti (bass), Ricardo Confessori (drums) and participation of Fabio Ribeiro (keyboards), Shaman should soon announce the new “Nagual Fly Tour” dates in your social networks. The band is managed by Rick Dalal of Free Pass Entertainment.

“Turn Away”:

Photos: Priscila Tessarini @pritessarini and Leandro Godoi @leandro_godoi
Art: @jduarte_design

Directed: Junior Carelli and Rudge campos

Antonio Xexa
Rudge fields
Junior Carelli

Edition: Junior Carelli
Assist edition: Cremogema
Finished: Junior Carelli
Prod: Foggy Filmes

This video was recorded at the first show of the “Shaman Nagual Fly Tour” and took place on February 9, 2020 at Audio, in São Paulo. “We had many appointments scheduled and everything ended up being canceled after Andre’s death, and even more dealing with the pain of losing a friend due to the lack of our audience, it was very difficult, and it still is, but what keeps us going is the certainty that Andre would agree and support our decision to continue. So we got together and thought that Alírio would fit perfectly in this new phase. He respects Andre, has charisma, has plenty of technique necessary to play all our songs in a magnificent way, in addition to being a great instrumentalist too, ”said Hugo Mariutti.

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